Frequently Asked Questions


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Before You Buy

1. Which one fits my motor?

You must know the motor make, year, HP, shaft length, steering method (tiller or remote) and number of cylinders.

5. Why don’t we stock jets?

We manufacture over eighty models. Demand varies and motor designs change. We build for nine different motor makes, from six different motor manufacturers.

12. Why don’t we make jet drives for less than 25 HP?

Outboard Jets lose about 30% of the HP when converting from propeller to jet drive. With less than 25 HP, it is difficult to plane a boat with two people. If it won’t plane, it will not operate successfully in shallow water.

27. Can I put a short shaft on a long shaft motor so I won’t have to raise the transom?

No. The jet drive shaft length must match the motor shaft length, or you would have to change the entire mid section of the motor.

28. How do we determine what shifting mechanism (cable or rod) to provide with tiller handle steered motors?

If the shift handle is on the side of the motor, it usually requires a shift rod. The shift arm which attaches to the shift handle may be different for cam gates than for the earlier bell crank. If the shift handle is on the front of the motor or on the tiller handle itself, it usually requires a cable assembly. Refer first to the jet kit pictorial / parts list. This will refer you to the pages showing the shift rod and cable mechanisms.

29. Will I lose horsepower if I convert my prop to a jet?

Approximately a 30% HP loss – multiply your motor HP by .7 – example: 50 HP with jet is approximately equal to 35 HP prop drive ( 50 x .7 = 35)

31. What is the best type of boat to use with an Outboard jet?

The ideal type of boat is a strong lightweight welded aluminum Mod V hull with a deadrise between 6° and 10° with either a tunnel or a delta pad.  Weight should be distributed evenly throughout the boat and it should have as little draft as possible.

32. Does the weight of my boat matter?

Weight is very important.  The chart below shows you the maximum weight for the horsepower of the outboard.  Note:  This chart represents HP before Jet conversion.