23. Explain the difference between early type and new type intakes and flanged liners in the large jet drive series.

The early type intakes use liners for 6 5/8, 6 7/8 and 7 3/16 impellers. If the liner is removed, and the mounting holes plugged, a 7 3/8 impeller can be used, but there is no replacement liner for wear. The new type intake uses a liner for 7 3/8. The casting is larger on the outside to accommodate the 7 3/8 liner. It is identified by the bolt head relief in the castings for wrench clearance at the six holes.

The flanged liners eliminate the need for side bolts to hold in the liner. Six studs are held in the main housing with Loctite and fiber lock nuts are used in place of the six mounting bolts. New type 7 3/8 intakes can be modified for flanged liners by removing the centering ring on the intake flange face and chamfering the sharp edge.

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